Urquell and Taleggio


Urquell released some cans with vintage design so we decided pair a cheese to the occasion. The pairing in question, Urquell with taleggio, is suggested by Sam Calagione, of the Dogfish Head brewery, in his book “Extreme Brewing”. The combination is, according to Calagione, among some of the perfect pairings he has encountered. Taleggio cheese, on the other hand, was described by Jenkins as “the most refined and sophisticated of all Italian cheeses.” The Czech meet Italy here.

The pair is delightful, no doubt, but we find that the strong, mineral-like rind of taleggio sort of fights with the hops. Without any balancing element, that is, and at least when the beer is at its suggested serving temperature. This is where the hops hit you the hardest. When checked with bread, however, the hop bite subsides and the flavors melt on the palate in a very nice way.


Calagione, S. (2006). Extreme Brewing, pp. 154-5

Jenkins, S. (1996). Cheese Primer, p. 512


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