We’re smoking some rainbow trout again. First, the box is set up with chips. This time, a fairly small amount of smoke production is planned but we’ll include a couple of cuttings of juniper for added flavor.


The next step is to have a fire and wait for the embers to set. What you seen in the picture is about the correct time to place the smoker box on top. It’s tempting to start smoking at an earlier point, I know, but you don’t want too much heat ’cause the fish’ll dry out. Just a little bit at first, and add firewood in small quantities.


Here we have the smoke box set up. Please note that most of the smoke is coming from the embers – I think we added wood at this point. Thus, this smoke isn’t affecting the flavor in any way. And obviously the pink color is post production. More experienced photographers always tell me to get everything right already in the camera. Well you know what, no matter how I tried, the smoke wouldn’t turn pink at the shoot.


The age-old adage goes, “it’s done when it’s done”. But when is it done? Well, it’s done, some say, when you can pull the fin out. I’d say you are already a bit overcooked (for salmon) at that point but as you can see we definitely passed the “fin test of smoking”.


All done, and ready to serve. Enjoy!



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