So we’re grilling a fatty, i.e. a bacon-wrapped stuffed meat roll, which, I think, is quite easy to prepare. You can use whatever combinations of flavors and stuffings you like – or happen to have at hand.

I first came into contact with the concept of a fatty via this video. Obviously, a lot of other people have done it before and since – BBQ Pit Boys among others. Regardless of the source, the process is quite similar. For this cookout we followed closely what The Hog Blog had done with their fatty.

After the bacon was weaved, we placed the moose on the bacon. Spices are Pimentón de la Vera, otherwise known as smoked paprika, and various ground peppers. If you use a lot of smoke on the grill, maybe plain paprika will do.


We used elk / moose meat for this one. The benefit of game, here, is that it’s relatively low in fat and thus combines well with bacon. Maybe if a fattier cut, such as pork shoulder grind, is used, you could consider cutting down on the cheese inside the polenta. Or not, a little bit of cheese on the grill never hurt nobody 🙂


Just make a cylinder out of it. Whatever technique that will get you there is good, I think. Keijo was quite natural doing this work so I can’t give you any more detailed instructions.


We started off with medium high heat and put the fatty in the lower compartment. We turned it over once, in quarter of a round intervals. Then, keeping the heat steady, we raised the meat to higher grate and did another round there (in quarter steps again). At this point, the heat was turned down low and we cooked the fatty, turning occasionally, until we felt it was ready to be wrapped in foil.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention. At some point, things started to fall apart. Not too badly but we decided not to risk it and tied the fatty up. For next time, I would fasten the package straight from the start in some way. You could use twine, or for example, toothpicks. I would prefer kitchen twine over toothpicks, however, since the latter are easy to miss when you start to eat.


This is how the piece looked after it had settled for a while in foil. Now it’s time to slice and enjoy.


A finished product. As you can see the cheese was still running as we didn’t let it sit for too long in foil. I think Keijo’s strengths lie elsewhere than waiting to eat a piece of meat sitting on the table:)


That’s about it. Untill next time, then.


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