On the grill, open fire if you will
Tenderloins on the pit, hang it up just not on spit
Between irons ‘s where they go, is it good soon we’ll know


We’re going low-n-slow here, preparing two pork loins in about an hour. The meat was placed between two gridirons and worked on medium heat and a bit of smoke. The thicker ends started closer to the flame – just far enough not to burn. Turning was continuous for an even finish.


The wind was blowing from such a direction that getting the ember going was quite difficult. So rather than grilled, is more like flamed pork. In Finland, flaming is most often used for salmon but I’d say it’s tasty for pork as well.


We had two marinades: a piquant rose pepper with vinegar, and chili with soy sauce. It’s many times difficult to taste the rose pepper enough but we didn’t have that problem now. It’s really a flavor that deserves more time on the spotlight, on it’s own strengthened only by the presence of salt.

To finish off the snack, we did a “Meeting of the pork” of sorts. I know, some might call sacrilege but you gotta work with what you have. And this time we had bellota. So stick a slab of that over the loin and reheat. A nice finish I must say.


And by the way, the fire was of pine wood. Not really the weapon of choice for most pitmasters. But no leftovers should tell the tale.


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