Roast on the grill

We’re making another delicious beef roast, wrapped in pork belly for a change. Previously, we just had the beef on indirect heat for a while, until tender and medium inside. Now, as the beef is covered with pork belly, the meat can take a bit more direct grilling to get some Maillard-action going.

In keeping it simple, spices are salt and pepper, with a taste of smoked paprika. Obviously, there will be flavors from wood smoke as well. We’re using birch here.

This one doesn’t really yearn for accompaniments. Serve it sliced, with maybe a side of beer.

As ever, wood-fired all the way!

Pork belly

Pork belly being salted

Roast on pork belly



Roast on the grill


Rump roast between bacon ready to be carved


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